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Industry Notice

WorkXpress took home the 2012 Product of the Year Award granted by TechQuest PA.


  • About the Award
    Given to the developer of a technological product, line or service, that has achieved significant recognition over the past 12 months.
  • Tough Competition
    WorkXpress was chosen as a winner from the more than 200 companies nominated and 17 finalists.

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WX to the Rescue

"If it weren't for WorkXpress, we might not be in business today"
- Bob Rinaldi, CEO, ITADSecurity

"I finally feel like I have a real technology partner"
 - Vince Yost, CEO, OpinionTrac

With WorkXpress, we charge the customer less, earn more profit, and secure recurring revenue"
 - George Swann, OpenGate Consulting

Professors Luis Paris, Ph.D and Joseph Cannon, Ph.D, of Harrisburg University found that after 2.5 hours of training, subjects reduced their development time by 60-90% using WorkXpress 5GL PaaS.

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The Latest

Dietzler's Law misses the most important consideration: Cost

As the product driver behind WorkXpress ( for over 10 years now, and as I've watched the PaaS market from its beginning, Dietzler's Law is the sort of thing that I've bumped up against many many times.

I believe the law as written has one fundamental flaw though that makes it fall apart; cost. People don't "want what they want" as the law proscribes, but rather, they live with what they can afford. Cost is the ultimate driver in determining the set of features that a business user will implement. 



Feature Release! Interface Automation

Anytime the user interacts with data on a page, and before they save the page, you can now process automation such as updating values, modifying other parts of the page, or refreshing other parts of the screen.

Check out this video of the release! Or, click Read More to see the video a bit larger...




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