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WorkXpress took home the 2012 Product of the Year Award granted by TechQuest PA.


  • About the Award
    Given to the developer of a technological product, line or service, that has achieved significant recognition over the past 12 months.
  • Tough Competition
    WorkXpress was chosen as a winner from the more than 200 companies nominated and 17 finalists.

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"There is no denying that your platform and business offers significant benefits"
Stuart Peck, CloudSuite

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People, Process and Tools

People, Process and Tools

Over the years, it's become clear to me that to run a relatively sophisticated professional service group efficiently requires three important things; good people, good processes and good tools.

I say "efficiently" because I don't think any of the three are absolutely necessary to be successful; if one simply has great customers that pay high margins, and at whom one can then afford to throw a lot of resources, they will probably be quite successful.  This is actually kind of common in our industry.  

Take for example the customer service dimension of "customer communication".  There is a sort of "fixed cost" concept with a professional services customer that says "after a critical point, a client no longer needs any "more" communication - they are already getting plenty".  So if they are paying you enough to have someone who is able to maintain a very high degree of contact with the customer, you can weather a lot of storms.  This same fixed cost concept applies to project management, development, systems administration, and more.  If you can cover the customers fixed cost for that service, everything else they pay you for is extra.


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When in the market for custom software, don’t settle for second rate. Hire a team of top notch professionals who pride themselves on developing only the best software solutions available, providing every client with the highest quality product, in both design and functionality, first rate expertise from beginning to end, and coupled with Five Star Licensing and First Class Support Packages to ensure evolving compatibility and dependability in this booming Cloud Computing Era.



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