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Industry Notice

WorkXpress took home the 2012 Product of the Year Award granted by TechQuest PA.


  • About the Award
    Given to the developer of a technological product, line or service, that has achieved significant recognition over the past 12 months.
  • Tough Competition
    WorkXpress was chosen as a winner from the more than 200 companies nominated and 17 finalists.

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"It's pretty amazing that I was able to build the software that successfully powers our entire business. If you've ever looked into having custom software built, you'll know that our cost savings was substantial by choosing WorkXpress"
Tom Lertola, Servolift

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When in the Market!

When in the market for custom software, don’t settle for second rate. Hire a team of top notch professionals who pride themselves on developing only the best software solutions available, providing every client with the highest quality product, in both design and functionality, first rate expertise from beginning to end, and coupled with Five Star Licensing and First Class Support Packages to ensure evolving compatibility and dependability in this booming Cloud Computing Era.


Transition from Organic to Mechanistic

The Transition from Organic to Mechanistic

In the early 1900's, Henry Ford transitioned an otherwise organic, craftsmen-driven industry into a highly mechanistic assembly-line driven process.  In so doing, he cut the cost of production dramatically, and increased wages to his workers.  Later, Ray Croc transformed the food industry by similarly mechanizing an otherwise organic, craftsmen-driven food industry.  He dramatically reduced production costs in the process.

In fact, most industries throughout history have made this transition. One holdout?  Custom application development.  Today, this remains a largely organic, craftsmen-driven industry despite hundreds of billions of dollars of expenditure every year and countless theories and certifications on code management, project management, etc.



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