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100% Visual Build Environment

Build, Test and Deploy Apps Visually

WorkXpress is a robust platform as a service (PaaS) offering you the ability to build your own complex database apps 100% visually. 

  • 100% Visual software build environment - build your own software as a service (SaaS) style apps
  • Build-Test-Deploy app lifecycle management and version control in a visual, easy to understand interface
  • Program with clicks, not code. Take advantage of the intuitive and user-friendly development model, and watch how your application looks while you are creating it.
  • Get help when you need it from our team of professional WorkXpress software developers
  • Choose your cloud hosting environment - public or private
  • We handle all of the backend security, data backups, scalability, usage, and compliance so that you can focus on your business

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It’s pretty amazing that I was able to build the software that successfully powers our entire business . ..If you’ve ever looked into having custom software built, you’ll know that our cost savings was substantial by choosing WorkXpress....
- Tom Lertola, Servolift

Empowerment With Software

Strengthen your business processes and increase productivity exponentially.

We-Add-Value For Better Software

You don't have to be a software expert. We are and we'll make your software Grade-A quality.

Flexible On-the-fly Updates

Changes? No problem. Get exactly the app you need even if that need evolves.

Success Stories

Better Business with Software

Success: ServoLift

Built Their Own Custom ERP

Need: Servolift needed a highly customized ERP software solution that could consolidate their many Access databases and paper processes without programming.

Solution: WorkXpress provided its platform solution that allowed Tom Lertola of Servolift to build their complex ERP without programming.

Success: Servolift completed their software project and now enjoy a 30% time savings over their previous process. The company saved $100’s of thousands of dollars in customized software expense.

Read Full Case Study

Whitepaper: 5GL RAD Development

Harrisburg University Study

Today’s businesses need the ability to integrate complex applications with web-based technologies, as in the case of CRM solutions, in order to remain competitive. With ever-changing market demands, companies must employ new programming paradigms that are designed to 1) simplify software design, 2) increase productivity, and 3) reduce development costs.

There’s a new generation of 5GL tools that can minimize the time and effort required to develop and deploy cloud apps.

Read Full Whitepaper



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