Everyone knows that mobile is the future, but do you have a mobile strategy? Everyone also knows that mobile can be a huge money pit full of frustration, but are you prepared to dive into all of the complexities of deploying and maintaining your mobile assets?  Good news – WorkXpress has thought through and has prepared you for all of the above, and stands ready to maximize your ability to succeed in the mobile space.  It’s time for you to deploy mobile!

 Mobile Strategy

    WorkXpress has evolved a mobile strategy based on global experience and hundreds of applications across a large global customer base that is designed to get you past the finish line on time and on budget. Trust us to carry out your mobile goals.

 Responsive Design

    There are many forms of responsiveness and WorkXpress engineers have worked hard to give you the maximum flexibility in defining how your pages will collapse and grow.

 Mobile Variants

    Users interact with a web application differently than they interact with a mobile application. The appearance and function of navigational elements, data entry areas, record selectors and much more vary widely based on device and screen size. WorkXpress engineers embed these best practices natively within your applications so that you don’t have to build – and pay for – all of this detail.


The easiest way to get started deploying a mobile strategy is by simply extending your existing web application using specially designed mobile friendly web pages.

Then, when users access your application from a mobile browser, instead of seeing the normal application pages they will see pages designed specifically for them!

 Quick and Affordable

    • WorkXpress will help you assess the key screens and activities needed by your mobile users, and will produce special screens designed just for those high volume or critical mobile uses.

 Responsive Design

    Responsive design is applied throughout the rest of your application, reducing the amount of mobile-specific pages that are required. This means that any pages which were not specially designed for mobile.

Choose this if you’re looking to:

  1. Incrementally develop a mobile strategy and/or improve the mobile browsing experience.
  2. Prototype in preparation for dedicated mobile application development.
  3. Save significant time and money versus dedicated mobile development.


The decision to produce a dedicated mobile application is a big one, and WorkXpress stands ready to help you ensure a successful outcome. WorkXpress offers three ways to begin this process:

 Path A. Your Vendor, your Management.

    At little or no cost we will provide your dedicated mobile development team full API access to pull and post data between your mobile apps and your web application.

 Path B. Your Vendor, Our Management.

    For a fixed management fee WorkXpress will oversee the entire process, including Vendor selection, project management and API access to your web application.

 Path C. WorkXpress provides the Dedicated Mobile App.

    WorkXpress will provide your Dedicated Mobile Application under it’s normal fixed rate processes. Note: For this option WorkXpress only accepts qualified customers with detailed designs for dedicated mobile in place. WorkXpress is happy to develop detailed mobile designs as needed.

Choose this only:

  1. You must have offline capability.
  2. You must have presence in an app store.
  3. Your app requires a device-specific capability not available to the browser.


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