Step 1: YOUR Brain Dump ~ 1 Week
The most important part. This is your opportunity to provide all of your screen designs, spreadsheets, reports, ideas and notes. We will record all of our conversations so that you won’t have to repeat yourself!

Step 2: YOU Get Specific ~ 3 Weeks
This 2nd phase of Design is rigorous and highly specific. This is the time for writing, not talking, and definitely not the time for introducing new ideas or concepts. All focus is on detailing your Design Document.

Step 3: Relax while we work! ~ 1 Week
We will begin development of the core components of your user interface.

Step 4: YOU Provide UI Feedback ~ 1 Week
Swap first and last name on this page. Use this color background.” This is the fun part! This is your chance to give very specific feedback focused on User Interface.

Step 5: Relax while we work! ~ 3 Weeks
We will complete the development of your application, exactly as detailed in the Design Document.

Step 6: Let us test for Blockers! ~ 1 Week
We will test every feature in your Design Document, remediate any blockers, and certify them as fixed.

Step 7: YOU test for Bugs! ~ 3 Weeks
During your Testing Rounds of Revision, you will submit whatever bugs you find. This is a very tedious but necessary last step. Our team will resolve all in-scope bugs after you have completed your submission.


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