All Cloud Applications require Hosting, and at WorkXpress, we have options that can be tailored to your needs to support you. Whether your business is remaining consistent or requires scalable resources, you will find our team to be enthusiastic in assisting with your technical needs.



    Even when starting with an affordable fixed rate, our Systems Administrators will ensure that your hosting solution scales with you seamlessly with no downtime.

 Low Cost

    Use our team to monitor, scale, and manage your hosting options, saving you time and resource costs, and allowing you to stay focused on what matters most in your business.
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Standard Hosting

Standard hosting means that your application is housed on a shared environment on a larger server. It is typically the least expensive of our managed options, and includes some significant benefits! Your application has a large amount of resources available on demand to meet your application needs. WorkXpress will perform all system administration tasks, provide network monitoring, systems level security and disaster recovery response, providing you with a one-stop shop for your development and hosting environment needs!

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated hosting gives you more control over your hosting environment by allowing you to select from a list of dedicated cloud based servers. You will be the only tenant of this server. WorkXpress manages your systems administration, network monitoring, security and disaster recovery, but you get to choose from among specific, dedicated hardware options. Dedicated hosting environments are available in a wide range of capacities, physical locations and price points.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud environments allow our Clients to host, administer, maintain, and manage their own server environment. You have the ability to host your application in-house, behind your firewall, on your own hardware, or elsewhere. A Private Cloud provides the widest variety of server choices, so long as your hardware is a Linux Supported OVF compliant virtual container.


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