Fast! – We’ll Build Your Web & Mobile App for You!

With WorkXpress you get it all – comprehensive software fast and affordably with no complex spec docs or other red tape.

  •  No spec doc needed! Flexible and iterative build process because we know your app needs will evolve and we plan for that. It’s okay to change your mind.
  •  Low, fixed rate for your app project – less than half the cost of other development platforms
  •  Focus on user experience, not software limitations – we design screens around user experience not software build convenience
  •  Easily incorporate new technologies into your application while also harnessing the power of integrated SMS, email, telephony, mapping, shipping and many more options.
  •  WorkXpress supplies all of the “other things” such as servers, data backups, sys admin, disaster recovery, security, compliance and more to set you up in the cloud instantly, worry-free
  •  Mobile ready – WorkXpress brings all of its benefits to mobile as well as web based database applications. Even build hybrid applications that are both web based AND mobile!


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Harrisburg, PA 17101

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