WorkXpress loves the ever growing amount of wonderful third-party services and technologies on the market today because it makes our apps just that much more amazing!

When provided with the proper documentation, WorkXpress Developers are able to connect your Application to almost any service of your choosing. Proper API Documentation may be either publicly available, or provided by the third party vendor.

 Almost limitless amounts of connectable Third-Party Services
 Communicate via SOAP, REST, XML
 Documentation provided for inbound communication
 May require licensing or costs by the third party service
 Limitless Cloud Connectivity
 Experts on Staff



WorkXpress will bill the Client’s account for usage of any 3rd party services such as bulk email, SMS text messaging and credit card processing, according to the Terms of Use and the then-published rates.

New development, testing and production environments will be charged an initial block of credit for 3rd party services only when the service is first used. Default increments for 3rd party services credits are $5 in development environments, $10 in testing, and $50 in production.


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